How to add GitHub contribution chart

How to add GitHub contribution chart

Hack Your GitHub Contribution Chart And Add A Little Pixel Art Style 🎨🖌 By Creating Stunning Drawings

This may sound like a pointless project, but the truth is that we all love to differentiate ourselves from others, and perhaps you would like to have this little detail in your contribution graph on your GitHub profile.

Github Spray - It's open source and available as a module for npm, it gives you the ability to add "spray" to your GitHub profile.

With this tool, you can draw on your 53 x 7 contribution log chart displayed on your profile.

- 1. Install

npm i -g github-spray

- 2. Create a new repository on GitHub and copy the URL. Typing text has never been easier, -t <tu_texto>and that's it.

github-spray -t <tu_texto> --multiplier <factor> --push --origin <url_repositorio_github>


github-spray -t hello --multiplier 10 --push --origin
Adding Spray to my Github profile
Result I get in my Github profile

If you are more creative you can design your own figures, the creator of Github Spray has also provided a web page for different figures.

👉 GitHub Spray Generator

Generated figures 

When you finish creating your figure, all you have to do is download the json. to upload are the same steps the difference is to change -t <tu_texto>by -f <tu_archivo_json>and name of the downloaded file. For instance:

$ github-spray -f face.json --push --origin [email protected]:godofredoninja/spray-graph.git

You have many options, such as specifying the start date, font, invert, colors etc., take a look at its documentation .

If you don't want to have it later, you just have to delete the repository name.

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction!