Top 3 password managers

Top 3 password managers

let's talk about Password Manager, that helps you to remember passwords.

What is a password manager?

Password gestures are applications that allow us to store all our passwords for all those services to which we register. But remember that you should never use the same password, which is why these applications are useful.


LastPass is a multiplatform password management service, also available as a complement to various browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Its objective is to solve the problem of user fatigue that remembering passwords by centralizing their management in the cloud. To use it, you just have to create and remember a master password with which you open the application and access the rest. Passwords are locally encrypted and synced to supported browsers.

Its free version works very well in both the computer versions and the browser add-ons, but if you want to try its mobile versions and more functionalities, you should use the premium version that has a value of $ 1 per month.


There is no doubt that 1Password has become one of the references in password managers. It is one of the most complete if not the most. Developed by Agilebits, this password manager has versions for all types of operating systems: OS X, Windows, Android and iOS.

It allows you to synchronize your password vault thanks to iCloud between iOS devices or using Dropbox. It has a powerful password generator, stores both logins and your social networks, and is also capable of storing private notes and credit cards. It is capable of detecting repeated passwords or the easier passwords that you should change, but without a doubt the best option is to check if any of your stored accounts is in danger due to some user and password leakage.

It has very powerful extensions for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox that allow you to store all your accesses on the Internet.

The mobile apps are free, but the desktop versions cost $ 49.99, although the Windwos and OS X version can be purchased for $ 69.99.


DashLane is a cross-platform password manager that stores all kinds of credentials, from passwords to bank accounts. It has a form auto-completion feature that many estimate. Its interface is pleasant and although it has the option of synchronizing in the cloud, it is optional. Its free version is very complete and works on all devices. The full version starts at $ 29.99 per year and as expected, it is much more complete.