Killer USB, with power to "fry" PC, Laptops and Smartphones

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Killer USB, with power to "fry" PC, Laptops and Smartphones

If you find a USB stick on the street, would you use that USB stick? , the answer might be clear to many of us, however, we are not everyone and that means there is a security risk. This has led some people to seek to exploit this vulnerability and even go a step further by creating tools capable not only of infecting devices, but also of destroying them.

Such is the case of USB Kill , the so-called 'killer pendrive' that began to be commercialized in 2015. Today USB Kill is reaching version 3.0, and that means new power with which it is capable of destroying not only computers, but just about any device with a USB port, including those with microUSB, USB-C, and even Apple's Lightning.

USB Kill is a dangerous tool disguised as a pendrive, which when connected to a USB port is capable of charging its capacitors and then releasing an electric shock that fries the port and damages the device.

The 3.0 version of USB Kill comes with a voltage, between 4.5 and 5.5 VDC (Collector supply voltage), and an output of 215 VDC, so It is capable of emitting between 8 and 12 downloads per second, thus ending the life of computers, ATMs, televisions, consoles, hard drives, smartphones, and even cars.